It's Southeast Asia's Largest Gathering of Business Owners!

Come and meet thousands of other business owners at the SME Solutions Expo 2012! As the only exhibition dedicated to building businesses, SME Solutions Expo 2012 is a must-visit for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs!

An expected audience of 20,000 business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals will be at the fair, making this the networking event of the year!

Looking for ways to grow your business?

Thinking of starting a new venture?

Want to master the new technologies to give your business a boost?

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In our hecticness of running a business, sometimes it is easy to forget that it is the basics that matter. It is the focus on delivering quality and value to our customers that keep our businesses growing. Businesses that forget these values have a very high chance of losing their direction along the way. In business, a back-to-basics approach is an important way to consolidate and protect our existing business until better times come along. Business need not to be complicated. The answers to our biggest problems may be the most obvious ones of all - right under our noses. Keep the eyes and ears open and there will be opportunities around the corner.

To remain competitive in the global markets, SMEs need to strategise brand building and cultivate a ‘Branding Culture’ to differentiate themselves among the competitors. The integration of branding and innovation offers new horizons in sustaining and growing businesses, enterprises’ identity and reputation. These concepts are critical success factors in the success of enterprises. While mapping out the brand, looking back at the simplest methods provides the best answers.


In the recent global financial crisis, SMEs remain the most resilient among all sectors. Many SMEs in fact, have not only maintained their momentum, but have in fact increased their capacity and capability. Now is the time to promote your products and services to SMEs! By creating a stronger presence, reaching out directly to business owners, and providing innovative solutions that suit the current economic climate – you will be able to not only endear yourselves to and entrepreneurs, but more importantly, create a lifelong business relationship that will pay for itself over and over again!

SME Solutions Expo 2012 is all these and more:

  • A platform for SMEs to discover international opportunities, exchange ideas and network
  • A one-stop marketplace for products and services of SMEs
  • An educational forum for sharing, learning and discovering
  • A complete solution for SME marketers - meet business owners directly
  • A sourcing market for investors, fund managers and venture capitalist